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How Will I Get Paid If I Cannot Work Because Of My Injury?

If your claim is accepted by the Ohio BWC, you will be eligible for various monetary benefits under the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation system to supplement your lost wages. The particular benefit you request from the Ohio BWC will depend on your situation.  Below are some of the most common benefits to help injured workers supplement lost wages.

Temporary Total Disability

Sometimes an injury will temporarily prevent an injured worker from returning to the job held when the injury occurred. This typically occurs directly after a worker sustains an injury.  The length of time the injured worker is out will depend on the severity of the injury or the treatment required thereof.

If this is the case, the Injured worker can apply for Temporary Total Disability benefits.  As the name suggests, these benefits are temporary and are designed to keep the IW afloat until the IW can return to the prior position of employment.

If approved, the worker will receive a compensation check on an ongoing basis, every two weeks, while unable to work.

NonWorking Wage Loss

Some industrial injuries may be of such a nature that the IW will not be able to return to the job held when the injury occurred.  At that point in time, the IW will need to find a new job he/she is able to perform given the impairments related to the injuries.

To assist injured workers while they engage in searching for suitable employment, the BWC offers a benefit called Nonworking Wage Loss (NWWL). If approved for NWWL benefits, the injured worker will collect biweekly wages to supplement the lost wages.

To collect NWWL benefits, there are a number of steps that must be followed. These benefits require a deal of effort on the part of the injured worker.  They can also be substantial so careful attention should be paid when supplying the BWC with all supporting and necessary documents. Benefits can only be collected for a short period of time, not to exceed a period of 26 weeks (with few exceptions).

Working Wage Loss

If an injured worker is unable to return to the position held at the time of the injury, but has found other suitable employment, albeit making less money, an injured worker can apply for Working Wage Loss (WWL) benefits to supplement those lost wages.

If the application for WWL is approved, the injured worker will be entitled to collect 2/3 the difference between the injured workers’ Average Weekly Wage and the injured workers’ current weekly earnings.

Permanent Total Disability

If an injured workers’ injuries are severe enough to prevent the worker from returning to work in any capacity, the worker can apply for Permanent Total Disability benefits.  If an injured worker is granted Permanent Total Disability, he/she will receive biweekly compensation for the remainder of his/her life.

Permanent Total Disability benefits can be challenging to obtain and should be done so with the guidance of a qualified Ohio workers’ compensation attorney.  Oftentimes, this is the one and only chance to prove an individual is entitled to Permanent Total Disability benefits.

These are the main benefits that will help supplement an injured worker's lost wages.  However, because every situation is different, speaking with a qualified Ohio workers’ compensation attorney is highly recommended.

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