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Does Ohio Workers' Compensation Cover Medical Testing When a Worker is Exposed to Drugs or Other Chemical Substances?

Depending on the nature of the job or industry, the Ohio workers' compensation system does offer coverage for a worker to undergo medical diagnostic testing when exposed to drugs or other chemical substances, aiming to assess potential injuries or occupational diseases resulting from the exposure. However, specific criteria must be met for a worker to be eligible for post-exposure medical diagnostic services.

To qualify for coverage of post-exposure medical diagnostic services following exposure to drugs or other chemical substances, the following conditions must be met:

  • The exposure must occur during the course of, and arising out of, worker's employment, and

  • The worker was a peace officer, firefighter, emergency medical worker, or detention facility employee, including corrections officers.

Should a worker satisfy the outlined criteria, all medical bills associated with post-exposure medical diagnostic services, consistent with the standards of medical care existing at the time of the exposure, will be fully covered.

If diagnostic testing establishes that the worker incurred an injury or developed an occupational disease due to exposure to drugs or other chemical substances, supplementary benefits would be accessible, encompassing coverage for ongoing physician follow-up and post-exposure treatment.

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